About Us

Our Philosophy

Breathing new life into your home need not involve starting from scratch or spending a fortune, it's the finishing touches that can often be the best way to add impact and tell a story. We believe it's about being clever, editing out the things you no longer need and reconfiguring what you can't be without. By decluttering, rearranging layouts and adding some stylish accessories, we aim to tailor your home to a style that suits you. A home should feel lived in and reflect your personality, we don't do the 'developer's look'.  Instead we do the ‘interior facelift look’, vintage, reclaimed, layering with different textures and most importantly, totally unique. 

With a vast list of style resources; from antique dealers, artists, photographers to unique interior suppliers from around the world, Emma and Camilla are able to create unique and engaging vignettes and room schemes for any home. It is their mutual attention to detail and the skill of adding those important touches that make it cohesive homely space with stylish soul. 


Emma has an inherent ability for creating a beautiful aesthetic; from styling at art school to styling and transforming homes; this has always been an integral part of her life. 

Camilla has an aptitude for finding balance and scale within a space,which was further influenced whilst living in Rome; surrounded by the sheer beauty of the city, she developed an elegant interior style.